Fernando Maldonado: a project is never finished

Fernando Maldonado is a young designer who lives in Guatemala City. His projects arise from concepts and ideas, the shape is only a consequence of these. Sometimes his objects are concise and linear, others exactly the opposite.
Fernando loves 3D modeling and his attention to the representation of the object is very accurate and studied.

House in Hakuraku by Tato Architects

At this house – a residence designed for a family of four – it was requested that everyone in the family should be able to feel the presence of each other regardless of where they are in the house.

Naila House by BAAQ’

Through architecture we wanted to provoke the inhabitant to experience this powerful site on the pacific coast of Oaxaca. The scheme is its solved allocating 4 buildings surrounding a cross shaped patio in order to build the minimum and considering the sunny weather making the outside space the social an entertainment areas. At the end, the result is a space that accomplishes one of the most noble purposes of architecture: to experience a bond between the inhabitant and the site, about which we feel very satisfied.

AKA Family by Ori Shifrin Anavi

The AKA family, designed by Ori Shifrin Anavi from Tel-Aviv, Israel, is a series of nine stackable abstract animal toys made from unwanted offcuts of wood collected from various workshops.

Aldo Amoretti: Photography through the eyes of the architect

Aldo Amoretti is an architect who after practicing this profession for several years, decided at a mature age to change jobs and become an architectural photographer. Right from the beginning his shots were successful and allowed him to win important prizes and attract attention on the world scene. Today Aldo Amoretti can boast among its customers some of the most acclaimed studios on the planet, Peter Zumthor, BIG and Snøhetta just to name a few.

Peter Zumthor photographed by Aldo Amoretti

How do you relate to Peter Zumthor’s architecture?

Ever since I first began studying architecture, I have always been a great admirer of this author.
Is it true that this architecture gives off a particular aura or energy?

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