OBR: Architecture arises from the art of listening

Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi met when they both worked in Renzo Piano’s studio. After a few years of practice, the desire to participate in some architectural competitions was too great and so they decided to found their own firm.

Mesura: where people are at the centre of design

Mesura is a young Spanish studio based in Barcelona. Mesura in 2011 won Europan in Dubrovnik and the slogan of the competition was Back to Citizens. This concept is very important for the philosophy of the studio because Mesura wants a democratic architecture that does not dominate the context, but instead arises from the exchange of ideas between people.

PPAA: the architecture generated by the intention

Pablo Pérez Palacios is the founder and principal of PPAA – Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados. During the interview Pablo Pérez will talk about the importance of the ideas that generate the project and how the project itself can become a diffuser of concepts.

Orizzontale: DIY architecture for common spaces

Horizontal (Orizzontale) is a collective of architects from Rome whose working dynamics and projects are strongly detached from the classic architectural studios. Each of Orizzontale’s works comes about through reflection on contemporary issues and it uses architecture as a means for proposing solutions or for raising public awareness.

Villa Korup by Jan Henrik Jansen Arkitekter with Marshall Blecher

ARCHITECT: Jan Henrik Jansen Arkitekter / Marshall Blecher PHOTO: Hampus Berndtson, Marshall Blecher, Gabrielle Gualdi  YEAR: 2018 LOCATION: Fyn island, Denmark LINKS: Jan Henrik Jansen Arkitekter, Hampus Berndtson, Marshall Blecher, Gabrielle Gualdi 

Two-half Mirror by Mario Tsai Studio

This project combines the rack and mirror together,It’s very convenient for some people want to put something on the rock when they look in the mirror, it also can put something such as keys on the rack or hang umbrella when they just come back home..

Personal Altar by Studio Michael Varga

In this place my past and future, my memories and my dreams and desires find place. It is about the general need to believe or hold on to something – independent of any religion.

THE TREE MAG – The Fruits of Ideas