2A+P/A: Architecture as a System of Meanings

Matteo Costanzo and Gianfranco Bombaci have been working together since their university days, with their strong desire to create architecture that pays particular attention to art and philosophical thought.

Fernando Maldonado: a project is never finished

Fernando Maldonado is a young designer who lives in Guatemala City. His projects arise from concepts and ideas, the shape is only a consequence of these. Sometimes his objects are concise and linear, others exactly the opposite.
Fernando loves 3D modeling and his attention to the representation of the object is very accurate and studied.

Mar Mediterráneo 34 by Inca Hernandez

Mexico City is a historical setting with an enormous cultural and architectural heritage protected in its magical neighborhoods. Tacuba is one of them, located northwest to the downtown, this neighborhood has undergone social and urban transformations that have lasted to this day and where vestiges forged at different times can be found.

Mallow by Note Design Studio

Plush, playful and inviting, the chair is formed from an arrangement of rounded forms that resemble a plush pile of marshmallows – and are every bit as enticing.

Casson-Gessato-Torri by Daniele Della Porta for Rubinacci Napoli

In the company, first of all, I look around and, in the case of Rubinacci Napoli, there were two of us because the artistic direction was shared with Salvatore Cozzolino. In this reality I couldn’t help but appreciate, in the first place, the mastery in selecting and working solid profiles with which two generations ago they produced frames and then wooden profiles for fixtures. This ability has been revived in many projects and I, for one, tried to make it the strong point of the products designed by me. A working skill that had to be retrieved and brought back to the furniture of the collection.

Aldo Amoretti photographs Wadden Sea by Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen

Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen’s Wadden Sea project shots led you to be selected as a finalist at the 2019 A+ AWARDS…

If you happen to go to Denmark, I recommend you go and see it because the project is beautiful.
The intervention is situated in a natural park dedicated to the observation of migratory birds.
Dorte Mandrup built a courtyard by adding new buildings to the existing white brick building.

Aldo Amoretti: Photography through the eyes of the architect

Aldo Amoretti is an architect who after practicing this profession for several years, decided at a mature age to change jobs and become an architectural photographer. Right from the beginning his shots were successful and allowed him to win important prizes and attract attention on the world scene. Today Aldo Amoretti can boast among its customers some of the most acclaimed studios on the planet, Peter Zumthor, BIG and Snøhetta just to name a few.

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