Marco Costanzi: Designing for the world of luxury

Marco Costanzi’s studio is a certain point of reference that many brands operating in the luxury world rely on for the design of new spaces dedicated to retail and the many other activities that are often requested.

Simone Micheli: The architect must be a hero!

Simone Micheli is one of those architects who honestly believes in his work and does not easily abandon his ideas and dreams. He comes from a family linked to the art world, which has affected him deeply. He deals with his profession in a transversal way, from architecture to design, giving much emphasis to the communicative aspect, which he considers the cornerstone of this profession.

Nature as seen by Irene Tondelli

Irene Tondelli is a young photographer born in Carpi. During her life she has been able to make some “very tiring” trips and the result is some of these photos.

Trovatello by Kren Architektur

Trovatello means a glacial erratic (a boulder).
The plot is located on the southern edge of Seltisberg, a rural village in the canton Basel-Lanschaft.

Twig by Johannes Lindner

The ambition was to balance opposites – classic and modern, sculptural and minimalist. The idea is a simple yet modern chair that combines tradition and innovation.

Aldo Amoretti photographs Wadden Sea by Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen

Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen’s Wadden Sea project shots led you to be selected as a finalist at the 2019 A+ AWARDS…

If you happen to go to Denmark, I recommend you go and see it because the project is beautiful.
The intervention is situated in a natural park dedicated to the observation of migratory birds.
Dorte Mandrup built a courtyard by adding new buildings to the existing white brick building.

Aldo Amoretti: Photography through the eyes of the architect

Aldo Amoretti is an architect who after practicing this profession for several years, decided at a mature age to change jobs and become an architectural photographer. Right from the beginning his shots were successful and allowed him to win important prizes and attract attention on the world scene. Today Aldo Amoretti can boast among its customers some of the most acclaimed studios on the planet, Peter Zumthor, BIG and Snøhetta just to name a few.

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