Thomas Phifer: light as an essential element of the project.

Thomas Phifer is a New York architect who lived in Rome for a short time. During his career he had the opportunity to build various exhibition structures and some private homes. Although the factors involved in designing a museum structure are very different from those of a private home, it is possible to find some recurring traits in Phifer’s architecture. Two of these are certainly the great attention to the choice of materials and the use of light as a real design element.

Silvia Camporesi: the art of photographing one’s own art

Actually the interview with Silvia Camporesi was carried out a few months ago. One of the reasons we publish it today is certainly the fact that with this interview we wanted to mark the beginning of a slow mutation of The Tree Mag: from a magazine of architecture to a place where you can find a vantage point on certain aspects of contemporaneity.

Treehouse C by Stilt Studios

After only 4 months of construction time, Stilt Studios is happy to announce the opening of our first wooden prototype of Treehouse C in Ubud, Bali.

Highcountry House by CTA Design Builders

Perched like a lookout on a sagebrush plateau with sweeping views of the high desert and big river cutting through it below, this contemporary three-bedroom getaway home is a serene retreat allowing the focus to be entirely on this breathtaking landscape.

Imaginary Geographies by gt2P

Imaginary Geographies proposes a geometric and material reconstruction of this icon. The project’s starting point is an audio composition of the sound of the mountain range mixed with the verses of “The Imaginary Man” by the late great poet Nicanor Parra. In this poem, Parra describes the relativity and transformation of the territory in landscape according to man’s feelings.

Belt Furniture by DDAA

Rather than frantically trying to conceal wires, it is more interesting to come up with a way to make exposed wires look good.

Lorenzo zandri: photographing the human dimension of the project.

Lorenzo Zandri was born in Rome in 1992. He is a young photographer who trained as an architect and preferred to build images rather than things.
Today, for both work and personal related reasons, he lives between Paris and London and travels play a great role in his work. Lorenzo Zandri has a cultured style explicitly turned to the past, but all this is not the aim of his work but only the means to discover the human dimension of the subjects he portrays.

The magical realism of Aldo Amoretti

Aldo Amoretti is an architect who at some point in his life decided to change his profession and to find a link with architecture from a completely different point of view, that of the photographer.

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