Tiny House BY Aranza de Ariño

Tiny House BY Aranza de Ariño

Tiny House BY Aranza de Ariño

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Puerto Escondido, Mexico


This reference to intense life in a natural environment was the inspiration that led Aranza de Ariño and Claudio Sodi to build the tiny house in Mexico. Located in Puerto Escondido, in the state of Oaxaca, is ideal for an individual retreat or a couple that allows you to disconnect from the stress of ciudad.Haciendo place at the height of his nickname, this block of concrete hut has only one room to bed, a bathroom and a kitchen. Its spartan interior, without partition walls and bare walls, is balanced by the abundant presence of wood. The doors and windows with adjustable grating reach their maximum splendor in the closing of the building from the next part, perhaps the boldest or most ostentatious of Tiny House is its huge concrete kitchen table, which includes dishes and the sink, and that extends to the back. Wood is the only enclosure here, so the doors have two slots to save it when they come together. It is perfect for enjoying a good meal in the open air, in fact its minimalist approach has decided to offer everything that is essential for a pleasant stay in harmony with the rich surrounding landscape, but without sacrificing comfort. Thus, we can rest on the hammock or improvise a quick dinner in the wood-burning oven for pizzas. Or take a dip in the small pool. If we overcome laziness, we can also walk for about five minutes on a path in the midst of lush vegetation. The reward? A private beach. You do not want to escape from the whole company like Thoreau, you can take a trip to Punta Altares, where you can visit the Escondido Hotel-a nice mixture between the inn and Boutique- or the Wabi House artist’s residence. For its warmth and tranquility, Tiny House is the perfect place to spend a couple of days, a week or a month. A diaphanous and modern cabin to enjoy simple life and let go.

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