The Guest House by Paul Kaloustian

The Guest House by Paul Kaloustian

The Guest House by Paul Kaloustian


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image ©Paul Kaloustian


Debet, Armenia


The Guest House is part of the Smart Campus, located in the village of Debet, northern province Lori in Armenia.
The SMART campus is a vessel for empowerment to anchor the Armenian youth in their ancestral lands where they can live prosperous lives.
At the same time, it is a portal that connects them out so they keep pace with the advancements around the globe. The building as a whole had to embody these various aspects.
This contemporary structure is a step towards proving that we can improve living conditions and uplift communities.
The architecture is an hymn to the landscape, the land of Armenia.
Beyond the main structure of the campus a sheer wall nestled in the descending landscape marks the entrance to the guest quarters. The sheer wall takes volume when the visitor enters through the gate. In turn, the volume shatters itself into an extension towards the landscape that unravels beyond its long glazed facade.

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