Solo House

Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen.
The Belgium architects Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen realized right after the Chileans Mauricio Pezo and Sonia Von Ellrichshausen the second “second home”.

La nave del topo

Pía Mendaro.
Spanish architect Pia Mendaro defies convention and reconfigures the requisites of a modern home in the design of Topo’s Shed – a home-cum-studio for her artist friend Clara Cebrian in Madrid.

Peratadallada Castle

A garden out of carved stone In Peratallada, an awesome village in the region of the Baix Empordà, a project of the Architecture Studio MESURA has changed the landscape of the area.

Brick Vault House

Estudio Alberto Burgos, Javier Cortina Maruenda, Space Popular.
The Brick Vault House is a prototype for suburban house construction that integrates industrialised construction methods with traditional craftsmanship in Valencia, Spain.

Country House Renovation in Empordà

Arquitectura -G.
This is a country house located in the Catalan Empordà. Although it’s surrounded by fruit trees and fields, it isn’t completely alone, as it shares a wall with another house of smaller size.

House in La Floresta

Arquitectura -G.
Halfway in between Barcelona and Sant Cugat, la Floresta is a low density neighbourhood placed in Collserola mountains.

Living Bakkali Restaurant

Living Bakkali, like the restaurant’s name expresses is a place to live sensorial experiences both for the palate as well as for the tact and the vision.

Can Xomeu Rita

Marià Castelló Martínez.
Can Xomeu Rita is a small dwelling that takes the name of the traditional place name of the interior of the island of Formentera where it is located.

Es Pou House in Formentera

Marià Castelló.
“Es Pou de Can Marianet Barber” is a historical place name in the interior of the island of Formentera (Spain).