Casa DF

Delfino Lozano.
Casa DF (DF House) is located in the heart of Guadalajara, a few blocks away from the Templo Expiatorio (Expiatory Temple), one of the most beautiful and representative places in the city.

Casa Nakasone

Escobedo Soliz.
The house is located in an informal neighbourhood on the outskirts of Mexico City. This small house of 100 m2 spread over just 50 m2 on two levels was built for a retired teacher.

Zicatela House

Ludwig Godefroy Architecture.
Zicatela House is a small weekend house located on top of a hill in front of Zicatela beach, next to Puerto Escondido in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Aguacates House

Francisco Pardo Arquitecto.
A couple of hours outside of Mexico City, the rural lake town of Valle de Bravo sits in a valley between mountains, offering perennially agreeable weather and panoramic nature views.

Casa El Pinar

Taller Paralelo.
Mexico’s Casa El Pinar balances show-stopping looks with sustainable architecture

tres árboles

Casa Tres Árboles — developed by Mariana Morale’s design firm, dıreccıon — is a remodeling project on a 25 year old outdated weekend home in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The starting point for the design was the client’s directive: to give the house a refreshed style with updated finishes to accommodate more frequent visits while maintaining the weekend getaway feel of the place.

Merida House

Ludwig Godefroy Architecture.
Casa Merida is a single-family house project located in the historic center of Mérida, a few blocks away from its main central square, in its colonial area.

Casa del Sapo

Espacio 18 Arquitectura.
La casa del Sapo started to satisfy a program of needs through an architectural posture that reflects in the context, community, and in results of actions we are passing to our future generations.

Casa Avandaro

Héctor Barroso.
Cuatro volúmenes se dispersan sobre un terreno plano rodeado del bosque de Valle de Bravo para conjuntar una casa de fin de semana.

Casa en Xalapa

Lopez Gonzalez Studio.
Pensada para una familia en crecimiento, la casa propone una forma de habitar que parte de un diálogo continuo con el paisaje en el que se emplaza.