Gongzheng Collection

Mario Tsai Studio.
Gongzheng Collection takes aluminium profile as the research subject to explore the limit of its scale and strength in furniture manufacturing.

Reading under the lake

Waterform Design.
Find a simple and tranquil, harmonious and undisturbed dwelling place in the world.

klee klee Brand-Launching Store

AIM Architecture.
klee klee, a new brand from clothing avant-garde ZUCZUG/, takes its name from Tibetan, meaning ‘slow down’.

Hotel Far & Near XinYuqingli St.

kooo architects.
XinYuqingli is the second guesthouse kooo architects designed after the hotel Far&Near Nanhao St, targeted towards young travelers.


Mario Tsai.
Components is a minimalist series of objects created by Hangzhou-based designer Mario Tsai. 

Hotel Far & Near Nanao St.

Koo architects.
This project is to renovate a 7-story building in the old city center of Guangzhou into a modern guesthouse.