House C

celoria Architects.
The house is located in an area called “alle cantine” in the municipality of Mendrisio.

Tanzhaus Zürich

Barozzi Veiga.
In 2012, the previous-existing municipal building at Wasserwerkstrasse 127a in Zürich-
Wipkingen, accommodating the Tanzhaus and the Swiss Textile School, was destroyed by a fire.

Studio Cascina Garbald

Ruinelli Architetti.
The farmhouse is situated in a meadow behind the villa Garbald complex.

Gongzheng Collection

Mario Tsai Studio.
Gongzheng Collection takes aluminium profile as the research subject to explore the limit of its scale and strength in furniture manufacturing.

A House in the Sea

Studio Marco Ciarlo Associati + Studio Daniele.
The project consists of the restoration of the building called “Il Faro” located between the Via Aurelia and the beach in the Municipality of Bergeggi in the Province of Savona.

Casa R

Orma Architettura.
Casa R project is established in a sensitive and complex landscape. Located at the very end of the village of Sotta (South Corsica), where the urban development area ended.

Reading under the lake

Waterform Design.
Find a simple and tranquil, harmonious and undisturbed dwelling place in the world.

K & T’s Place

Nielsen Jenkins.
K & T’s Place is the renovation of a traditional ‘Queenslander’ style home in a rapidly developing suburb of Brisbane.

Harmay Space

AIM Architecture.
Picture this: A bustling, winding, narrow Hong Kong street, packed with shops, restaurants, and food stalls.

Hotel Far & Near XinYuqingli St.

kooo architects.
XinYuqingli is the second guesthouse kooo architects designed after the hotel Far&Near Nanhao St, targeted towards young travelers.