K-Studio. Our brief was to reinvent the ancient socio-cultural concept of ‘Agora’ or ‘gathering place’, transforming the steep, rocky site into an effortless flow through open and enclosed areas of laid back, unaffected luxury.

Scorpios encompasses an internal bar and lounge, open-air restaurant, extensive beach facilities and event areas. As part of the design team we looked for a holistic approach that would bring every element together harmoniously.

The main architectural challenge came in dealing with the steep, rocky, exposed site. 6000sqm of space needed to be arranged without difficult climbs up from the beach or dangerous drops. External spaces needed to take full advantage of the views yet provide shelter and shade. The run-down existing structure needed total refurbishment and we had to find an approach that would allow areas of Zen-like peace to exist adjacent to vibrant gatherings.

We divided the site into terraces, from the focal point of the bar, restaurant and gathering spaces, working down to the shore with shallow steps and ramps. The open-air restaurant is shaded by canes that dissipate sunlight and air without restricting views. Materials and building techniques are honestly natural, taken from the local context and enriched with organic textures and crafted objects that together create a simple, relaxed atmosphere.

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