Villa Montagnola BY Attilio Panzeri & Partners



Collina d’Oro, Switzerland

The villa is situated on a piece of land that enjoys a splendid view of Lugano Lake. The suggestive view and the impending presence of the rocky mass behind the site have dictated the principles of inclusion of the entire building. The villa relates to the rock – from which it originates – in a dynamic dialogue, and at the same time, stretches towards the lake. The intrinsic morphology of the site and its south-west orientation towards the lake have directed the designer’s choice. The building is totally closed to the other villas located in the north-east but remains completely open on the other sides, establishing a close relationship with the surrounding landscape. The building looks like a block of black pigmented exposed concrete – the black color deriving from the rock from which it was created – with raw boards laid running in the same direction. This characteristic lives up the façade, emphasizing the alternation of full and empty openings. The light enters through the full-height openings, filling and enveloping the interior spaces of the villa and creating a warm and cozy environment. Doors and windows in natural oak wood enhance this peculiarity. The internal contrast between the white of the plaster and the black of the concrete creates suggestive plays, underlined by the glimpses that the villa skillfully offers. The continuity of the spaces is an important point of connection for the entire project. The detached villa is built on three levels. The basement houses the technical rooms, the garage and the living spaces for guests. Thanks to the white color of the resin on the floors and plaster on the walls, the rooms gain a surprising shine and open towards an external patio. The living area is located on the ground floor: a spacious living room with a large fireplace overlooks the garden which juts into an infinity pool where the view encompasses the entire surrounding landscape. On the upper level, the night zone provides four bedrooms and a study, each with private bathrooms and wardrobe. The roof is flat and covered with black gravel. Great importance is given to the external layout, which is the result of important choices, with a great variety of plants and various species; the alternation of teak flooring and turf creates a perfect symposium. The paving of the vehicular area is made of small cubes of granite and enters the lobby of the villa, enhancing the continuity between inside and outside. Thanks to a walkway in the rock you can climb to a belvedere terrace that offers a wonderful view of the entire complex and the lake. The final result enhances the region, merging in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.