Studio C BY NPS Arquitectos



Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Studio C is a refurbishment on the ground floor of an early 20th century building in the center of the city of Figueira da Foz. The space, once a small broom factory, was adapted into a loft. In order to the new condition, the typology was studied to reinforce the presence of the constructive elements that testify its time, among which the irregular granite masonry, the structures and wood partitions, the brick arcs and an iron safe box built into one of the walls. The refurbishment privileged this conditions, maintaining it whenever possible. In the structural and cladding elements of the new walls and ceilings, it was used Sylver fir wood. This solution aimed to assume the new elements through the use of an homogeneous language that contrasted with the textures that remained in time, especially the granite and wood surfaces. The central core, with a smaller height for the introduction of a mezzanine, includes the technical spaces: the laundry and the bathroom. This core separates two distinct space moments: the living room/kitchen and the bedroom, both with double height ceilings. The housing also has a small outdoor space in which solid ceramic brick was used as a coating material.