Since the World is Round BY Lara Bohinc


image ©Matter of Stuff


In the collection, Lara Bohinc explores her stellar theme, finding inspiration in planetary and moon orbits, whose gravitationally curved trajectories inform the lines and shapes of the chairs. Constructed from thin square rod, the chairs are elegant, minimal and lightweight.
The Lunar Chair distinguishes itself with two enveloping crescents for armrests, and a smaller back rest which, like a moon, circles its planet on an orbit of its own.
The Orbit Chair features a singular orbit, representing the crescent of the moon, and which holds the back to the seat. It employs dramatically inclined circular armrests that arc down in a graceful trajectory to meet the front legs. The single rear leg further enhances the chair’s simple lines and space around the seat.
The Solar Chair’s asymmetric frame, and reflecting circles suggest the rising and setting of the sun. It is constructed from playful lines that incorporates circles, half circles and squares .
The chairs are handmade in a small Italian artisanal workshop and are finished in varnished steel and fabric.