REPLICA By Studio Furthermore


Curious “Foam” Forms Made of Ceramic and Metal, Now on View at Aram Gallery. Though they may look more like sea sponges, the collaborative works of Marina Dragomirova and Iain Howlett — aka Studio Furthermore — are in fact made from cast ceramic and aluminum alloy, using a process known as “lost foam casting.” On view at The Aram Gallery in London through January 20, Studio Furthermore’s latest collection of mirrors, pots, lighting, and tables were inspired by Icelandic rocks and mineral ores, lava rocks, and magma debris; the porous textures really do look like they came straight from the earth in rich reds and grays. For the ceramic pieces, liquid clay is poured into a foam mold that burns away in the kiln (resulting in a terracotta replica with the foam’s cellular imprint). For the metallic works, pieces of foam are entombed in sand and the aluminum alloy is poured over the foam, which vaporizes, leaving behind a metallic copy in its wake. In each process, the original creation is burned away, hence the collection’s name: REPLICA.