QUADRA by Wojciech Mierzwa


image ©Hennil



Winning combo of solid oak woodwork and adjustable modular steel legs. Less of a decorative furniture more like a statement. Versatile piece to work in modern, industrial-inspired or more traditional spaces. Handcrafted & Fine selected wood.
To create table Quadra we need to add four factors. The first is respect for the material. Each tree (a living organism) which starts a new life as an user-object should be treated in an exceptional way. Respect can be presented only by the quality and the ideas for which the object was created. The second is a factor of experiment. This is how we receive proper originality. The third is a combination of industrial style with a homely atmosphere.
The fourth factor remains as our little secret.
Four-legged table top.
The protective coating of oak wood is a top quality hard wax oil.
Prevents discolouration and protects against scratches, leaving the wood natural in touch.