Pennsylvania Farmhouse BY Cutler Anderson Architects


Lakewood, U.S.A.

Flanked almost entirely by rolling sunshades, with the Pennsylvania Farmhouse, Cutler Anderson Architects have proposed an intriguing method of solar gain. Situated just outside the town of Lakewood, the home can open up to the beauty of the rural landscape or withdraw from the outside world. Situated on a family farm, the building was designed to echo the simple aesthetic of the existing surrounding architecture. To maximize the potential of the rural setting, a glass exterior frames the south side of the home, offering magnificent views from the double height living area. As such, natural light streams in, filling the high ceilings and illuminating the interior. Inside, the sitting room looks across to the master bedroom, with the kitchen and dining area also occupying the ground floor, all accessible to the south facing terrace, made from local Pennsylvania bluestone. Three more bedrooms occupy the upstairs area, connected by a mezzanine walkway which weaves through the ceiling space of the main living area. During the summer months, there is no need for air conditioning – thanks to the closed shutters, the inside temperature can be substantially reduced. During the colder seasons, wood from deadfall trees is used to heat the home. The heat from the feature stove in the living area is captured by ducts and circulated throughout the house.