Owl Chair BY h220430


image ©h220430



Japan is a country with limited access to land for development and natural resources and has developed a rich culture in the past years through the inheritance of a system which nurtures creativity. Furoshiki is the act of covering all forms of object by wrapping them with one piece of clot and Origami is the act of creating different shapes by folding a sheet of paper. These examples of the Japanese tradition show that Japan can excel even when placed under very restrained circumstances. With such cultural background in mind, we designed Owl Chair to become a furniture that will help nurture children’s creativity which is the hope of our future. We believe that for our children to continue imagining the future, something needed to be designed for them. Experiments in which a body with a difficult-to-imagine shape like that of a chair is formed out of a plane body will certainly stimulate the creativity of children. Owl chair can be assembled without any tools or additional parts, children are able to build this chair with their own hands. This chair is made from a single piece of EVA lumber,similar to creating origami with one piece of paper. A child’s creativity is stimulated through creating a chair from a flat planar shape. Because it can be returned to a planar shape easily, it can be stored even in small space. It also can save energy and cost at the time of shipment. The material EVA that is used to build this chair is lightweight and holds a rich flexibility, superior durability, and various color variations. If the material accidentally enters into a mouth by any chance, it will be still safe so it is a good material for children. In addition, with consideration of the material for high recyclability, no dioxin generation, and environmentally friendly, the material is suitable for children who play an important role in the future.We certainly wish that children can foster their flexible imagination and build a rich and enjoyable life with this Owl Chair.