Klotz house BY Mathias Klotz


image ©Roland Halbe


Playa grande, Tongoy, Chile

The Klotz House, which in reality should have been called Casa Germain, was entrusted to me by my mother, who, at the age of 48, inherited some money from her mother and asked me to build her a house on the beach. This was a dream unfulfilled by my father, from whom he had recently separated. With a budget of U $ 20,000 and a site on an uninhabited beach, difficult to access, I thought of making a kind of shelter, which was low cost, little maintenance and easy to live and uninhabited. I drew it on a plane, on a half-by-a-half-inch math sheet and made a scale model that I still have. This model was presented to my mother, she approved it and did not return to the place until the entire structure was already standing. Fortunately it seemed good and we finished it as it was drawn, without any change (Until now, it is the only work I have done without changes). On September 17, 1991, for my mother’s 49th birthday, we inaugurated the work in the middle of an unusual storm that left the house so wet on the outside as inside. It was a kind of baptism. From then to date we have gone every summer to this refuge, as well as a series of long holidays during the year. Regarding the importance of this house, I must admit that regardless of publications and recognition, it served me and continues to serve me as a point of departure as a point of arrival as it represents for me the essential that a work must contain.