Courtyard House BY John Ronan Architects



image ©Hall+Merrick


Chicago, U.S.A.

Four Courtyards Form This Modern Waterfront Home.
Set on a sandy bluff overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan, a modern home has been inspired by its magical setting. Chicago–based firm John Ronan Architects has recently revealed one of their latest projects: a single-family residence known as the Courtyard House. The 5,000-square-foot contemporary home is organized around a series of four courtyards, hence the property’s name, and consists of indoor/outdoor living spaces to provide privacy and shade.”This project explores spatial complexity through the studied arrangement of interior and exterior “rooms” and their relationship with the site,” explains one of the architects. The site has had a strong influence on the home’s material choices and color palette, both of which have been inspired by the lakefront setting. Charred wood siding references the beach bonfires common in the area, and the use of channel glass in portions of the facade refer to the green beach glass that washes up on shore. The strong sense of place starts as soon as you approach the house, as visitors must cross a “bridge” over a reflecting pool to enter. Once inside, guests will be embraced by a double-height great room that frames gorgeous views of Lake Michigan.