Casa Acantilado BY Gilbartolome Architects



Granada, Spain

Commissioned by a young couple, Gilbartolomé Architects conceived the particular ‘Casa Acantilado’ set deep in the cliff overlooking the Mediterranean in Granada, Spain. The complex structure is the result of ambitious ideas derived both from the client and from the architect, the result is a structure capable of integrating with the landscape. Refitted as a ‘contemporary cave’, the unusual structure has a complicated roof shape formed made from hand zinc tesserae that emanates a metallic glow. Using an efficient metal mesh, the roof was produced through a craftwork formwork system developed by a local engineer. ‘The shape of the house and the metal roof produces aesthetic ambiguity calculated between natural and artificial, between the skin of a dragon if seen from below, and the waves of the sea if seen from above. ‘- Gil Pablo and Jaime Bartolomé, Gilbartolomé Architects. The interiors boast a constant view of the sea, the private rooms are on the second floor, while the large terrace lounge below follows the inclined slope of the cliff and leads seamlessly to a cantilevered terrace with a swimming pool. The project was carried out during the financial crisis in Spain and, despite the social context, the architects chose to develop the house using manual labor that would produce a building of superior quality.