Atrium House BY Tham & Videgård Arkitekter


Atrium house on Gotland. Situated on a 10th century shoreline, a low house set in a vast landscape, overlooking the Baltic sea.The house is planned around a completely enclosed atrium courtyard in an open, undisturbed landscape where sheep graze.The plan is narrow, but its openings outward are broad, which gives the interior the character of a sheltering niche in the open space of the landscape. Floors in three levels relate to the slightly undulating land outside and differentiate the interior ceiling heights.Model study. With a thin plan and large openings, the interior is treated as one continuous space, within which the smaller rooms are assembled in a number of solid blocks. Inspired by the impressive materiality of Gotland’s vernacular agricultural architecture, the masonry construction has a natural plaster colour that has been mixed with carbon black, exterior metal parts made of oxidised zinc, and oak doors as well as windows that have been treated with tar oil. The large sliding glass windows are mounted on the surface of the exterior walls, according to the same principle as many barn doors. Also the interior doors are surface‐mounted, allowing the walls to appear unbroken.