Architecture of Song Candleholder by The Principals & Angel Olsen


image ©1stdibs



If architecture is frozen music, as Goethe once said, what would a song by Angel Olsen look like? Musician Angel Olsen and architect Drew Seskunas have collaborated on a machine that can freeze songs into form. Melted wax is released through a digitally controlled valve onto a plate held by a robotic actuator arm, linked to sound frequencies in three of Olsen’s songs. As music activates the machine’s sensors, hot wax is lowered into a pool of cool water, suspending the form in response to the overlapping frequencies in the song. The resulting wax form is then sand cast in molten aluminum to create a custom architecture of song. Commissioned by Sight Unseen for Field Studies, a benefit exhibition at Sight Unseen Offsite 2018. Net proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to Save the Music Foundation.