Hotel Schgaguler Castelrotto

Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas. A simple and timeless architectural design is the main protagonist of the charming boutique hotel.

Alpine style with reduced aesthetics creates an authentic sense of well-being. An open and transparent house attracts guests and invites visitors to come in and feel the connection to the picturesque village and its surrounding mountains.

The Project consists of three monolithic volumes, following the original structure of the house before reconstruction. While respecting local context and its surroundings, the strong architectural identity of the Hotel follows a contemporary reinterpretation of the alpine style and plays with vernacular elements such as the typical sloped roof.

The expressive exoskeleton facade changes according to orientation and program. With mostly circulation and public spaces at the north/east facade, the almost sculptural structure is less depth. At the south facade, the tapered geometry has more depth and creates loggias with natural shading. The bright grey color of the chalk containing render of the façade is inspired by the rocks of the surrounding Dolomite mountains, the “Dolomitgestein”.

The reinterpretation of tradition and culture plays a fundamental role in the design of the Hotel. Simple and functional interiors with open layouts are combined with local materials such as chestnut wood or local Stones and textiles.

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