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Sibast Furniture


XLIBRIS was designed by artist Kasper Eistrup for Sibast Furniture. It includes a shelf and a wall-mounted desk with a classic, light style, making these pieces well-suited for a wide variety of interior design applications. The shelf and wall-mounted desk can be combined as a set or mounted separately.
The underlying concept of XLIBRIS has been growing and developing in Kasper Eistrup’s mind for almost four years. It was originally stimulated by the artist’s own need for a workplace shelf in his atelier and subsequently by his aversion to shelf brackets. Initially as a personal project, Eistrup teamed up with Sibast Furniture to develop two pieces of multifunctional furniture: a wall-mounted, self-supporting shelf and a matching table, both with an ultra-slim silhouette and a light style, reminiscent of Japanese origami art – and completely devoid of brackets.

“I have a predilection for utility and for accomplished craftsmanship, and XLIBRIS is notably the embodiment of simplicity and meets a genuine need. It has a sharply angled shelf and an accompanying wall-mounted desk, which can be used either together as a set or, singly, as a shelf and a small, compact workstation. Both pieces have huge potential and represent furniture that rises up to provide functionality in a minimum of space. This makes both the shelf and the wall-mounted desk well-suited for small dorm rooms as well as flats and houses,” explains Kastrup Eistrup, who is driven by a burning passion infused with a sense of design and artisanal detail.
XLIBRIS is made of oak with an oiled or smoked finish. This is basically the same design in two different sizes, and the two elements can either complement one another or be used individually. Part of XLIBRIS’ underlying idea is that both pieces of furniture can function in their own right or change function and style by combining multiple shelves, horizontally or vertically, for instance. The design is distinguished by its 45-degree lines, both the triangular sides of the shelf and the wall-mounted desk and the lines created by the front edge of the board itself – an architectural touch that imparts a slim, elegant style to both items and accentuates their inherent floating, self-supporting concept.

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