war | religion by Marco Di Lauro

war | religion by Marco Di Lauro

war | religion by Marco Di Lauro


Marco Di Lauro


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2006 2003 

Marco Di Lauro through this photographic project, borns from a selection of some photos taken during his many travels on war territories, invites us to reflect on the explicit bond between war and religion.

Tyre, Lebanon – July 23, 2006 – Photo: Marco Di Lauro

On your site you have several photo collections, one of them is “war and religion”.

I believe that in the end there is a kind of religion in every war because of the way it is fought.

Religion itself is often the reason why war begins. Religion is a very powerful tool for wielding control over people and thanks to this people can be directed towards the goals desired by religious leaders or whoever. During my career I have got to know various places steeped in religion, including Italy, but I must say that my judgment is very negative.

Al Musayyib, Iraq – May 27, 2003 – Photo: Marco Di Lauro

I must also admit that on our continent there is a strong naivety about how other religions and cultures, different to ours, are seen.

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