Villa Colli Euganei in Cervarese by MIDE Architetti


MIDE Architetti


Alessandra Bello



Sergio de Gioia founder together with Fabrizio Michielon of MIDE Architetti talks about one of their first projects.

Villa Colli Euganei a Cervarese – MIDE Architetti

Can you tell us about the villa on the Euganean Hills in Cervarese?

This project exemplifies our design process very well, which we talked about earlier. The customers are a young couple, whom we then became involved with because they were among the first to trust us and commission us for an important house. On the peak of one of the hills surrounding the intervention lot there is a neo-Gothic villa, Villa Serenella; our project, which is part of a very generous lot characterised by the presence of a walnut grove, encompasses glimpses of this villa.

Villa Colli Euganei a Cervarese – MIDE Architetti

We wanted to incorporate this “beautiful scene” into the project, and we framed it with a large opening in the living area which on one side faces toward the villa and on the other looks out over the walnut grove. The typology of the building follows the traditional rural buildings present in the area but reinterpreted in a contemporary key. We have thus kept the pitched roof, the jetties and the porch typically Venetian in a contemporary key in the design of this house.

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