Villa Atrium by Kren Architektur


Kren Architektur


M. Kren, A. Gempeler, T. Bisig  




Arlesheim, Switzerland





Villa Atrium, Arlesheim/BL

The Site which is more than 1600 m2 has a rare asset of being within a reach of a few minutes’ walk to the Dome and the city center. The vicinity to a wild conglomerate of different functions comes from the history of the plot. It appeared in between old one-family houses, modern city blocks of flats, workshops etc.

The choice of the concept was a unanimous decision of the client and architects, while the introvert character of an atrium house was one of the ways to privacy while living close to the center. External usages were integrated within the contour of the 20x30m volume, to leave the exterior intact and to underline the monolithic character of the building. For instance, the external swimming pool – the slab continues to enclose the space. 

The plan itself is introverted as well. The functions align themselves around the central glazed atrium core. The day area in the east is connected with the entrance, library, office. They open up towards the well illuminated southside – the kitchen and dining room. We find the private space for children and a guest bedroom across the atrium to the north side, as well as the master bedroom in the west.

A calm pallet of materials and colors was chosen in order to achieve the desired tranquility: The exterior in exposed concrete, white for the walls, private spaces with a wooden flooring, public with gray ceramic tiles. In contrast dark window frames brings elegancy and focuses on the essentials.

The complexity of the HVAC and other building systems is hidden, preserving the minimalistic atmosphere of the house.


Text provided by the architect

Villa Atrium, Arlesheim/BL

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