Van Wijnen office Heerenveen by Studio OAK


Studio OAK


Erikjan Koopmans




Heerenveen, Netherlands


Van Wijnen’s office in Heerenveen has been transformed into a place where productivity and creativity are stimulated by experience. A real “Smart office” that revolves around sustainability and flexibility. “We chose Studio OAK because nothing is standard and nothing is self-evident” Lieneke van der Arend, Executive Secretary.

With smart sensors, workplaces are completely adapted to the preferences of the employee. Because light, desk height and the climate adapt to the employee, we can really speak of flexible workplaces. The office moves around the employee and not the other way around. The Oak Vital Office method has been applied in the realization of this working environment.

In addition to flexible workplaces, employees also have the opportunity to meet each other. This can be in a game room, separate seating areas or, for example, the restaurant. A nice detail is that you can also be surrounded by greenery, because there is a greenhouse where you can sit and work. With this new working environment, Van Wijnen is ready for the next step and they are setting the trend with the office of the future.

Text provided by Architect

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