Urban Wildlife by Davide Bonazzi

Urban Wildlife by Davide Bonazzi

Urban Wildlife by Davide Bonazzi


Davide Bonazzi


Personal project



Urban Wildlife: animals of often gigantic dimensions are camouflaged in these surreal shots by Davide Bonazzi.

Marlin Skyline – Davide Bonazzi – 2017

Would you like to talk about the Urban Wildlife project?

Urban Wildlife project was born in a summer that I was struggling with a series of very tiring and complicated works, as a result I was always under pressure with deadlines and deliveries; in the few windows of free time I had felt the need to relax and do something absolutely mine, because real work was very constrictive at that time. I decided to work only on two subjects, architecture and animals. This gave life to an “urban bestiary”, a game that I needed to relax and hone some skills technique in representing these subjects. I have made other tables besides those that are on the website, and I hope to publish them soon and carry them forward as a job because it has had some good ones criticism. In the illustrations I decided to use a limited color palette, so as to reduce the range of choices on that side; I used my favorite colors.

Wonder Peacock – Davide Bonazzi – 2017
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