Tømmertempelet by Arkitekt Folstad Knut


Arkitekt Folstad Knut 

Arkitekt Folstad Knut 




Sirdal, Norway

All wooden mountain cabin. A dig down the depths of traditional Norwegian architectural motifs.

The site has strong qualities, almost hidden in the birch-woods during summer and isolated on the edge of a shrub-clad hillside. All around it, though, readymade winter cabins are being erected in a somewhat artificial traditional style. Therefore it seemed important not to alienate what became the Timber Temple from the context, rather tying it up by utilizing the traditional motifs in a mellow, but playful way, reinterpreting the sedimentary stacking – or heaviness – of traditional “stabbur” and “lofts” while maintaining a contemporary, sharp line. Ideally giving one pause as to whether the TT is a new or very old part of the context. To achieve this, traditional timber structures had to be studied, regarded in light of new building regulations and solutions of which could be both stimulating to the craftsmen and pass regulatory demands developed.

Challenges of differing conditions during snowy winters and summer use solved with the concrete spot-foundations raising the main volume off the ground while utilizing the rising landscape to achieve a simple «yard» which works both in high snow and heated summer days between the soft sounds of birchleaves rustling in the wind.

The plan demonstrates a strong hierarchy between intimate, smaller areas and more generous spaces. A high ceiling living room with outdoor access and a generous but simple bathroom with custom aluminium sitting tub in a rich green, a resemblance to the forest pond. 

High grade fir cladding from local sawmill, insulation of wooden pulp and interior clad with fir making the section all natural. Windows made locally by a great team of window-makers and furniture by local carpenter.

Text provided by the architect

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