Timeless by Andrea Citton

Timeless by Andrea Citton

Timeless by Andrea Citton


Andrea Citton


image ©Andrea Pancino






In the space we live in, in the life that surrounds us, in the work we do. The constant that guides us, time. Timeless is an object that time absorbs it, decides it and dominates it, as the name underlines, and that over time will remain continuous, like the line that draws it. An infinite steel structure, painted in four colors: rust, brown, white and black. The pony skin version adds years of life to Timeless and takes it out of the normal seating concept, making it become a work of art. The seat has a steel core and is padded with polyurethane rubber. Without the limit of time this chair will stand out in the ages from now until ever, and never die. Timeless is a concentration of elegance, technology and design. Design, in the sense of aesthetic impact, is the first thing that catches your eye. A balanced yet dynamic continuous line that communicates on its own. Its simplicity but the refinement of the form, causes the timeless emotion that we all feel in front of the beauty of a artwork. A minimal impact, a caress for the eye, a sober linearity, able to fit well in public places, at home and in the office. Andrea Citton, designer of Timeless, owner of AC Studios, is an eclectic creator of innovative products and collaborates with numerous professionals and companies including Manfrotto. He is also the owner of the project Rivercleaning, an innovative system to clean watercourses from plastic.

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