The magical realism of Aldo Amoretti


Aldo Amoretti


shooting 2020


Modena, Italy 

Aldo Amoretti is an architect who at some point in his life decided to change his profession and to find a link with architecture from a completely different point of view, that of the photographer. In a short time his style has had international success and resonance. Today Aldo Amoretti works with architects such as Peter Zumthor, John Pawson, Bjarke Ingels just to name a few.
The series of shots that we present are part of a recent photographic project that studies the relationship between drawings, architecture and emotional atmosphere.
These photos were taken in Modena in the famous unfinished cemetery built in the 1980s by Aldo Rossi.
Amoretti makes these shots on film, not to document Aldo Rossi’s architecture, but to bring the viewer into a dimension where time does not seem to exist.
Source of inspiration were the drawings of Aldo Rossi and the pictorial current of the first half of the twentieth century called Magic Realism, which sees Donghi and Casorati among its interpreters.

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