The House of the Archeologist by LCA Architetti

The building is a single-family residence designed specifically for an archaeologist.
The volume is a simple rectangular-based parallelepiped in which further cubic-shaped blocks completely covered with stone have been inserted and set.
From a material point of view, the building recalls the brick textures of the ancient walls and the large stone ashlars that often interrupted the texture to act as an architrave or a corner stone.
In this house, we replaced the brick with canned recycled blocks and the stone with travertine marble slabs and blocks.

The building is spread over two levels above ground: on the ground floor there is the large and bright living room with the kitchen and dining room and a small service bathroom; on the first floor there are the bedrooms, two master bathrooms and the client’s private study; all the windows dialogue with the surrounding landscape characterized by vineyards and cultivated meadows.
The materials used are all recycled materials taken from disused quarries or from landfills of building materials; the building has also been isolated to the best to reduce consumption to a minimum.
From an architectural point of view:
we wanted to design a contemporary building that would reinterpret the ancient;
we wanted a simple, primitive, mineral building that could vibrate in the light of morning, noon and evening in a different way;
we wanted to recover materials that are no longer in use and recover them to give them new life and not harm the environment;
we wanted a house full of light and domestic within it.
More simply, we wanted to give our client a house that had his soul and passions for history and archeology within him.

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