The house of S. Bartolomeu by Sonia Cruz Arquitectura


Sonia Cruz Arquitectura


Ivo Tavares Studio




Aveiro, Portugal


The house of S. Bartolomeu, is located in a central area of the city of Aveiro, bordering its historic center – Bairro Beira Mar. The street, which gives its name to the house, makes the transition between single-family dwellings of 2 floors – older, and 4-storey multi-family housing buildings – most recent.

Close to services, commerce, firefighters, school and local government, the surroundings express local characteristics in contact with contemporary materials and languages. In this situation, the building, which is a new intervention, replicates and reinterprets the characteristics of the place, through the rhythm of fenestration and coating materials.
The volumetry was established by the municipal services, to carry out the transition from the historic area to the most recent construction area.

The building is divided into two T2-type houses with a private patio. Given the small size of the plot, the organization of its interior sought to optimize its construction area and valued it for its relationship with the back garden.
The interiors of the houses reflect its central location in the city, with pragmatic and functional spaces. The materials used, in addition to considering the characteristics of the place, respond effectively to contemporary living, with superior quality and finishes.

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