The Circle by Elisa Ossino Design


Elisa Ossino Design

Elisa Ossino Design




Officine Saffi, Milano, Italy


Elisa Ossino designed for Officine Saffi the collection The Circle, where her search for abstract spaces in living areas morphes into a suspended, out of the world dimension so that the space itself becomes a living sculpture.
Clay and sand, hand crafted without molds with artisanal tecniques, express the intrinsecally emotional feel of the material, crafted into unique pieces, like prime numbers, outside the strict rules of industrial production. Objects become alive, and their natural, primitive shapes hint to worlds one can imagine just by glancing at them. The openings break up the smooth surfaces of the chair, table and screen underline the relationship between straight and curved lines, and evoke the archetipal categories of time, direction and light. They draw a circle of natural energy that transforms them into enigmatic and meditative objects.

Text provided by architect

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