THE ART OF SITTING by Stine Mikkelsen

THE ART OF SITTING by Stine Mikkelsen

THE ART OF SITTING by Stine Mikkelsen


Stine Mikkelsen


image ©Stine Mikkelsen




Copenhagen, Denmark

The concept behind The Art of Sitting is based on the quote by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen: ”In order to sit well, one must be able to sit differently.”
The shape of the object is based on an investigation into how many different ways one can sit on a chair. The shape of the object has been found by identifying the surfaces where the body needs support.
Gunnar Aagaard Andersen spent time investigating the square in his work. As Stine Mikkelsen is working with three-dimensional objects, the starting point for her project has been the cube.
The objects are made of a composite material developed by the studio. It is based on crushed stone and fish glue, and is therefore a 100% natural material.

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