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Ludovica Mascheroni


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Ludovica Mascheroni, @ludovicamascheroni_official

Ludovica Mascheroni, an Italian company specializing in high-end furniture and clothing, presents the sculpture table.
This elegant piece of furniture is made up of 14 columns, each with a weight ranging from 40 to 60 kilos, made from a single block of Calacatta Altissimo marble, subsequently shaped and joined together with an oval design on a hidden brass base.

The marble, inside the columns, was deliberately left rough, inspired by Michelangelo’s unfinished technique, while the exterior is in a glossy finish.
The final result is a real marble sculpture with sinuous lines. A game of elegant contrasts between the body of the marble and the visual lightness of the glass top.
Refined and impressive, this sculpture table best represents the work of the company’s precious artisan hands, capable of creating real works of art.

The sculpture table dominates the first floor of L’Appartamento, Ludovica Mascheroni’s boutique / showroom in Via Gesù 13 in Milan, where everything speaks a lexicon made up of excellent finishes, precious materials, maximum attention to detail, very high manufacturing quality, exquisitely artisan and Italian know-how, both in furnishings and in clothing.

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