SWISSHOUSE XXXII by Davide Macullo

SWISSHOUSE XXXII by Davide Macullo

SWISSHOUSE XXXII by Davide Macullo


Davide Macullo



Swisshouse XXXII is an architecture steeped in philosophy and art that is defined by Davide Macullo as “habitable sculpture”.
Swiss House Rossa – Sinusoïde, is a permanent installation in situ by Daniel Buren & Davide Macullo in collaboration with Mario Cristiani – Galleria Continua.

Davide Macullo – SWISSHOUSE XXXII – photo: Alexandre Zveiger

Could you tell us about the Swisshouse XXXII project?

Swisshouse XXXII is a work of integration between art and architecture, “a habitable sculpture”, an architecture that needs art to be completed. It represents our constant commitment to build respecting places, giving a meaning to every gesture.
The typical archetype of the house, the one designed by children with two vertical lines. In fact, two diagonal layers and holes to let light in has been revisited to testify that the reasons why are inexhaustible and that buildings are our public art.

Swisshouse XXXII is placed spatially along a line of volumes of patrician houses that form a cluster around the church of the village. This is underlined also in the proportions of the cross-shaped floor plan that takes the dimensions of the patrician houses and at the same time, taking the arms as a way to measure, the dimensions of the old stables of the valley and their vertical typology. A unique element thus summarizes the two main typologies of the region.
The rounding of the edges and the twist of the four-pitched roof give a dynamic trend to the building that mimics the skyline of the surrounding mountains. The points of view and the penetrations of light work on the perception of the passage of time. Each opening is calibrated and oriented on selected landscape views, different from each other.

Davide Macullo – SWISSHOUSE XXXII – Photo: Alexandre Zveiger

The colors of the facade blend the visions of the real and the imaginary and emphasize their constant presence in the eye of the beholder. The green are the fields, and the magenta in its artificial appearance is the testimony that nature gives us unexpected colors. The wild carnation that arises spontaneously right in the fields around the house has given us this color that is between dream and reality. Our focus is on declaring the beauty of nature and paying tribute to it.
The underground parts of this house are in reinforced concrete, the upper volume entirely in wood, without interpreting the traditional construction typology of the Alps but using it as it is.

Swisshouse XXXII Rossa is the consequence of a collective work. In this case not only of the experts but of an orchestra of motivated people. To take advantage of this collaboration, we have established a foundation for contemporary art, in addition to myself among the founding members we include: Graziano Zanardi mayor of Rossa, Ivano Fasani, architect planner, and Mario Cristiani, gallery owner-Galleria Continua.
This building is the beginning of a humble and at the same time very ambitious project: the desire to influence a happy vision of the future by seeking help in the ability to marvel at children, to whom this building is dedicated.

Swiss House Rossa – Sinusoïde, is a permanent installation in situ made by Daniel Buren & Davide Macullo with Mario Cristiani – Galleria Continua

Davide Macullo – SWISSHOUSE XXXII – Photo: Alexandre Zveiger
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