SWISSHOUSE XXII by Davide Macullo

SWISSHOUSE XXII by Davide Macullo

SWISSHOUSE XXII by Davide Macullo


Davide Macullo



The tradition, the territory and the emotional needs of the client are the ingredients that Davide Macullo used to carry out Swisshouse XXII.

Davide Macullo – Swiss House XXII – photo: Alexandre Zveiger

Could you tell us about the Swisshouse XXII project?

This single-family home is located on a small Ticinese plain on the outskirts of Bellinzona, characterized by minute stone constructions that were originally used to support agriculture. The language of this project is born from the combination of the elements offered by the territory, the tradition and the emotional needs of the customers.
Looking at the main façade, the first volume on the left is a pre-existing building that we have decided to keep as the generating matrix of the other two bodies that lean against it.

Davide Macullo – Swiss House XXII – project drawings

The building at first sight presents a series of three traditional roofs, in reality it is a surreal, almost cubist landscape. The slopes do not follow the perimeter walls but they form irregular prisms. The inclined surfaces suddenly disappear from view and the imagination is surprised by an unexpected perception. By accessing the living spaces, it turns out that the existing volume of the cottage on the ground floor houses the living room which extends to the full height to emphasize the quality of the proportions of a handcrafted construction, the remaining functions of the dwelling being developed as open or flexible spaces.
Not having a very high budget for the construction, simple but lasting materials were chosen: the brick walls are covered with a plastered coat, the floors are made of smooth cement and the roof is covered with slate paper.

Davide Macullo – Swiss House XXII – photo: Alexandre Zveiger
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