Sun Valley House by Rick Joy Architects


Rick Joy Architects

Joe Fletcher, Jeremy Bittermann




Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

A quiet family vacation villa, secluded in the arid highlands of Sun Valley, Idaho,is locatedjust beyond the limits of a designated avalanche chute. The shape ofthe roof communes with the angles of the adjacent mountains, while eachroom of the house is oriented to a unique view of nearby ski slopes and other soft peaks.The two wings, each with exposed wood beam ceilings and solid wood floors, separate the private areas from the entertaining and social zones, with a guest wing below. The entire lower level,and upper level hearth masses,are local small rubble stone with flushmortar, and the remainder of the upper level walls and roofs are light-weight frame clad in steel. Their textures slightly differing, these stone and metal materials softly blend with the sage, gray, and blue of the natural landscape.Thetwo wingsappear to slide together and then pull apart. From the south, the massingappears to be a split-apart gable: two coated-steel forms meet at a central stone vertical structure. The large entry pivot door is accessed from a covered veranda. Stone masses emerge vertically in the living-room fireplace and twist ninety degrees in the kitchen/dining fireplace. Deep recesses allow for a variety of privatemoments. The partially covered northern terracehas a fireplace andstair leading up to a hidden roof terrace, whichoffers a 360-degree view to be enjoyed from chaise lounges, andthe opportunity to sleep under the stars in the warm summer months.

Text provided by architect

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