Stora Sköndal’s Manor by Metropolis Arkitekter


Metropolis Arkitekter

Metropolis Arkitekter




Stockholm, Sweden

Stora Sköndal’s manor is a building outside Stockholm from 1686. The building has been owned by the Deacon Society Stora Sköndal since the beginning of the 20th century. In 2018, the house was severely dilapidated and the Society, which used the house as an office, decided to move out. Our task was to create a public building with a café and lecture rooms to be used by associations and Ersta / Sköndal College.

We were heard to recreate the house’s original plan. The room sequence facing the sea were re-connected with wide deuxbattant door in file and the clogged windows of the gables were reopened.

The absence of older room design was a challenge. We developed a sequence of rooms tuned in different colours painted with splash paint technique. The technique is traditional and occurs both in rural buildings and in castles. In addition, the splashing technique has a modern history from Georges Seurat to Jackson Pollock. Maybe we should have gone further with such role models? Now the project landed in a relatively traditional result with great regard to the house’s long history.

Text provided by the architect

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