Sommerhus Birkedal by jan henrik jansen arkitekter


Jan Henrik Jansen Arkitekter 

Jesper Ray




Møn island, Denmark

Ph: Jesper Ray

‘Birkedal’, or ‘birch dale’ in English, was designed and built single handedly by the Jan Henrik Jansen with the goal to create a sustainable and peaceful family retreat on the bucolic Danish island of Møn.

The house comprises nine interlinked cylindrical volumes constructed with intricate timber frames and clad with narrow spruce branches which are a waste product of the forestry industry.

Each of the cylinders encloses a single idiosyncratic room, finished with richly textured white surfaces; river pebble floors and painted board and batten wall cladding, which, like the walls of a gallery, provide a calm backdrop for the constantly changing textures and colours of the agricultural landscape visible through the punctured rectangular windows.

The unique layout of the house demanded specially designed furniture, materials and details throughout; from the custom brass island bench and oak bed/desk combination to the handmade dining table.

Text provided by the architect

Ph: Jesper Ray
Ph: Jesper Ray

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