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With its modern shape and classic design, the Sideways asymmetrical sofa invites conversation. The sofa, now launched by Carl Hansen & Son, was designed by Danish designer Rikke Frost.
Carl Hansen & Son represents over 110 years of dedication to quality craftsmanship, unique partnerships and visionary design projects. The company now employs the talented Danish designer Rikke Frost, who has created a sofa with a modern language, with a solid artisan base and classic materials, with a clear reference to the modern Danish movement.
“Designer Rikke Frost has a distinctive style and while the Sideways sofa represents something completely new, it is also in line with Carl Hansen & Son’s DNA, where uncompromising craftsmanship and a thoughtful soul blend seamlessly. . We are therefore delighted to welcome the Sideways sofa to our collection, “says Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son.

The Sideways sofa combines classic materials such as wood and paper rope with a modern asymmetrical shape whose purpose is very clear:
“Communication, in everyday life, is challenged by tablets and other digital equipment, so I wanted to create a sofa where you feel more comfortable conversing with others,” explains Rikke Frost. “On most sofas, you sit straight and you have to turn your head to the side to talk, rather than sitting facing each other. I wanted to create a sofa where you sit sideways, to encourage more natural conversation.”
The steam-bent backrest of the Sideways sofa and the organic shape of the two-seater seat place people facing each other, thus promoting conversation. Open and inviting, the low back is made of solid wood and braided rope; the seat and back are upholstered in fabric to give optimal comfort and a light and elegant appearance:
“With its asymmetrical shape, Rikke Frost has managed to reinterpret the sofa as a piece of furniture that brings people together and invites conversation”, says Knud Erik Hansen and continues: “The aesthetics the sofa’s rigorous yet soft and inviting make it a cozy and comfortable piece of furniture, which matches perfectly with the Carl Hansen & Son collection, where the emphasis is on function and aesthetics “.

It took Rikke Frost just three weeks to design the sofa prototype, during his participation in Danmarks Radio’s “Denmark’s Next Classic” TV show, where the sofa won first place in its category. The details and craftsmanship were subsequently perfected – upholstery, back and legs in solid wood – blending form and function to create a beautifully balanced sofa.

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