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Sibast No 9 is a light chair with an embracing back and a hovering seat. It features a number of dynamic, sculptural design elements that typified Helge Sibast’s chairs.
1953 was a productive year for the entrepreneurial furniture designer and cabinetmaker Helge Sibast, who spent it coming up with three of his most iconic designs, all of which were somewhat forgotten until Helge Sibast’s grandson, Ditlev Sibast, and his wife Anna Sibast re-established Sibast Furniture with great dedication in 2013. Since then, they have re-launched Helge Sibast’s design heritage and are taking the next step by re-introducing the dining chair Sibast No 9.
Sibast No 9 is a light dining chair with an unfailing sense of style, closely related to the slightly larger, more complex Sibast No 7 and Sibast No 8. The kinship with Sibast No 8 is particularly obvious: both are distinguished by a Y-shaped frame, a distinctive, trendsetting element which, in addition to its visual value, serves to strengthen the chair. In Sibast No 9, however, the Y is inverted and its predecessor’s graphically powerful back with bars is replaced by a single curved top rail and armrest.

“The new chair has a lighter air but is physically lighter as well, because it is smaller and comprises fewer components. It exudes a calm visual style and it is narrower, making it suitable for other purposes than both No 7 and No 8,” explains Ditlev Sibast, who once again rummaged in his grandfather’s archives to find designs which, despite being hidden away for almost seven decades, still speak to a modern context.
“Helge Sibast’s designs were visionary and innovative when he created them, and back then he was meticulously concerned about both style and craftsmanship, which make his chairs more than iconic artefacts of the golden age of Danish Design. They also have a potential which makes them classics,” explains Ditlev Sibast, who has created Sibast No 9 according to the same uncompromising principles that distinguished Helge Sibast’s oeuvre.
Sibast No 9 features a hovering seat and front legs that angle slightly inwards – a design detail which gives the chair a slim, dynamic air seen from the front. From the side, the inverted Y-shaped frame stands out, accentuating the embracing top rail that enhances the chair’s unique identity.
“It epitomises the best of Scandinavian minimalist, no-nonsense design. At the same time, Sibast No 9 is an excellent example of my grandfather’s ability to incorporate ideal comfort into his designs. The chair conforms to the body and its ergonomic details are essential. You can sit comfortably in this chair for hours on end,” Ditlev Sibast adds.

The new chair proves how Helge Sibast felt at home in the cabinetmaker’s workshop. His artisanal background is undeniable and he was uncompromising down to the last detail. Helge Sibast inherited his woodworking skills and passion for wood from his father, who founded the undertaking in 1908. Quality and craftsmanship have been the core values of Sibast Furniture ever since.
This simple, light, functional chair with its fine artisanal subtleties has been out of production for more than five decades but is now joining the collection at Sibast Furniture, adding yet another chapter to the story of a furniture designer who tirelessly strived for a genuine, refined style and, in his efforts to create the best chair every time, worked through mounds of sketches and fine-tuned both craftsmanship and design to perfection.
Sibast No 9 is made in FSC-certified beech or oak with a soap-treated, oiled, white-pigment oiled, lacquered, smoked or black-lacquered finish. The seat can be upholstered in leather from Sørensen Læder or fabric from Kvadrat.

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