Shigo Atelier by Tomoaki  Uno  Architects


Tomoaki  Uno  Architects


Tomoaki  Uno 




Toyota, Aichi Pref, Japan


Toyota, which has property, is the base city of Toyota Motor Corporation. Around this property in the suburbs, there is a new residential area where the fields still remain.
The client retired from a junior high school teacher and asked me for an atelier to run a private school. The client’s request was a space where a few students could sit at once, a shower room and a kitchen for simple cooking.
I wanted to provide children who grew up in the industrialized spaces of condominiums and house makers with a space where they could feel the rich nature. This time, I focused not only on the natural materials of cedar but also on nature of sunlight. I imagined that not only changes in time, season, and weather, but also by the movement of flowing clouds, the sunlight pours into the room like the music played by the harp.
My prospect has been perfectly fulfilled.

Text provided by architect

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