Sette House by Fabio Fantolino

Sette House by Fabio Fantolino

Sette House by Fabio Fantolino


Fabio Fantolino




Milano, Italia

Fabio Fantolino tells us about this project and how his attention to every detail allows to obtain a clear and balanced stylistic result.

Fabio Fantolino – Casa Sette

What can you tell us about this project?

This apartment belongs to a single person who wanted to live spaces very freely. For the flooring we used what I like to call a “non-material”, that is cement resin. This floor is an ideal background capable of easily accommodating overlapping objects. And in this case they are made of wood and very structured fabrics. Casa Sette has a design approach that reflects us a lot because often, as in this case, we use the walls and the floor as backgrounds capable of enhancing the content.

Fabio Fantolino – Casa Sette

In this project, as in others, there are works of art that seem made specifically for the architecture that houses them …

This is partly it is due to the fact that we follow the customer in every minimum phase and when asked, as in this case, we provide them with advice ranging from the purchase of accessories to the selection of artworks.

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