Self-Made Face Mask with Interchangeable Interior – Open Source by C+S Architects


C+S Architects





In this particular historical moment where the entire population of the planet is forced to deal with the same problem, designers also do their part. Here is a project by C + S Architects to easily build your own mask at home.
If it seems helpful, share it.
At the bottom of the article you can find the assembly tutorial.

In times of scarcity of face-mask to protect from Covid we have designed a simple tool which can be built at home by anybody. You just need a piece of cotton, rubber band, a gauze, thread, needle and scissors… all materials we have @home and we can recicle. We have designed a papermodel to be printed on A4 for those who had a printer at home.
We immagine a collaboration between the youngers, who will print the paper-model and cut it on the piece of cotton fabric and the elder who are often very able sewer.
Enjoy and be safe, staying at home!

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