S.O.S. by Marco Di Lauro

S.O.S. by Marco Di Lauro

S.O.S. by Marco Di Lauro


Marco Di Lauro


Personal project



Marco Di Lauro lived a week on the NGO Moas in the Mediterranean Sea in order to deepen and try to understand the truth about a subject full of political responsibilities that causes hundreds of victims every year.

Mediterranean Sea, “S.O.S.” – Photo: Marco Di Lauro

Speaking of a contemporary theme that sees Italy as the protagonist, you have had the opportunity to see and experience the migrant situation firsthand.

I stayed for a week on an NGO ship that kindly hosted me and allowed me to do this service.

Mediterranean Sea, “S.O.S.” – Photo: Marco Di Lauro

What do you think of this situation?

My position is very clear: I find it absurd that our civilisation has been exploiting those territories for centuries and that today it leaves some of their people in the middle of the sea, whom are now at their most desperate, and migrating to our continent. I am so amazed that I can no longer comprehend where universal values ​​are. Having been among these people, you can perceive a level of suffering that cannot be explained. For many who remain completely indifferent or minimise these people’s situation, I would advise them to try for themselves the journey that any of these migrants undertakes. Our country is often just a stopover for people in transit on a journey that has lasted for years for these people who have undergone so much physical and emotional violence.

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