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Ruinelli Associati

Ruinelli Associati




Soglio, Bregaglia – Switzerland

Ruinelli Associati in the transformation of this old barn into a home, experiment new construction techniques in respect of traditional craftsmanship.

Can you tell us about the Casa RM project? 

This project deals with a recurring theme and that is the conversion of buildings that are no longer used for their original purposes. To many people, living in places that used to be stables, warehouses, chalets or similar is rather fascinating. Every time a project like this comes up, I always ask myself as to why we feel this way and I think it is because we are romantic at heart.

Casa RM was an old stable in excellent conditions. We approached this project by envisaging what a farmer would have done if he were to convert his own stable. As far as the materials are concerned, we used the existing ones such as the wall, iron and timber and with them we developed the whole of the project. One thing we wanted to do was to keep a clear distinction between our work and that of the original one from the 800: the natural stone wall is now clad with beaten concrete whilst the timber is sawn rather than sanded, the iron is worked in a traditional way and with visible welding.

One of the most difficult things in projects like this one is to ensure the artisans have fully understanding of what we are trying to achieve which is detailed but rough products. In order to check construction details, we have had to make 1:1 scale mock ups which were the only way to fine-tune details such as the thickness of the concrete that in some areas is 40mm only.

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