Renovation House HE by Wespi de Meuron Romeo


Wespi de Meuron Romeo


Hannes Henz




Treia- Macerata – Italy

An ancient farmhouse transformed into a holiday home where is possible to find relax in the Marche countryside.

House HE. in Treia- Photo: Hannes Henz

Can you tell us about the project of the Casa he. in Treia in the Marche region?

It is the home of a family that often goes around the world for business reasons and their desire was to have a place, a home, where to meet for the holidays. This was an old, partially destroyed farmhouse and there were several urban planning constraints to respect, in some parts the floors no longer existed and we could see the roof. In these areas we decided to maintain this view and we created double volumes. The existing parts have been left without plaster while the new ones are white. The perimeter walls already existed and we only reinforced them.

Even if the house seems to have undergo a slight intervention, we had to intervene in depth to comply with all the regulations, in particular anti-seismic ones. To do this we have done a real job of cutting and sewing sometimes even demolishing parts and always reconstructing them using old materials.

from our interview with Luca Romeo

House HE. in Treia- Photo: Hannes Henz
House HE. in Treia- Photo: Hannes Henz

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