Refurbishment of a production building by Cecchini Chiantelli & Partners


Cecchini Chiantelli & Partners.
Chief Project :Angela Chiantelli


Cecchini Chiantelli & Partners


Simone Bossi




Lucca, Italia

This artifact, characterized by a compact volume with large symmetrical openings, was built in the early 1900s and is part of an architectural complex that includes other agricultural buildings, making up the farm, and the Villa with an oratory from the 18th century. This type of aggregation is typical of the agricultural settlement system that characterizes the north-eastern area of ​​Tuscany and in particular the Lucca area. The mosaic of the countryside is articulated around the Villa and the agricultural annexes, with which the buildings maintain strong social and economic interrelationships, constituting the matrix of a landscape and a settlement model that still retains a universally recognized qualitative value. The plan to revive the building for residential use was mainly a life choice and basically an act of love. This determination made it possible to rediscover the potential of a forgotten place, reawakening new possibilities, the prerequisites for other restoration interventions and the reactivation of the productivity of the countryside, with an evident impact on the landscape and on the conservation of the hydrogeological balance.

The intervention leaves the original spatiality of the building intact, inserting the systems and services within functional modules, arranged in sequence, free in space, so as not to interrupt the overall visual perception. During the restoration, the criteria of the green building were adopted and the new construction of a “technological pavilion”, covered with photovoltaic and solar panels, and a basement floor used for services, offers an answer to the technological solutions adopted that meet energy needs. building.

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