Ramon and Mar’s pavilion by vora



adrià goula




Barcelona, Spain

The issue here is the construction of a pavilion on a roof terrace to complement the uses of a small apartment. A second living room and a studio bedroom.

The pavilion is placed transversely on the terrace, of elongated proportions, and segments it, thus generating a sequence of interior and exterior spaces that redefine the way the dwelling is lived. The alignment of the openings generates a direct visual relation between spaces.
The enclosed terrace between the apartment and the pavilion functions as an inner courtyard: A controlled, private, intimate space.
Form and materiality are determined by the ephemeral movable condition of the new construction and by the practical considerations of transportation and assembly. The timber construction is configured as a system of portal frames and panels forming an autonomous superimposed volume.
The compositional relationship maintains the coherence between structure and enclosure. In the interior, the lower part of the wall has a continuous, functional and domestic finish, while above this the focus is on the wood, the apparent structure as the essence of the pavilion.

Text provided by the architect

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